Addressably is the trading name of Revenue Stream UK Ltd, one of the 5 companies in the View TV Group of companies, providing end to end connected tv services.

The 5 companies, together, provide an end-to-end capability for major national and Over the Top (OTT) broadcasters/publishers to reduce complexity, enable faster time to market, and lower staffing costs. The group has developed technology that provides addressable advertising for higher revenues. This is delivered to viewers in full HD for an experience superior to that of traditional TV.

Addressable Advertising

Simply put, Addressabley sits within an IP infrastructure developed by View TV Group to enable broadcasters/publishers to efficiently place addressable adverts that are personalised and that have relevance and are timed to deliver effective brand engagement at scale. This allows your ad to be presented just to the people you want to target dependent on their viewing habits.

Due to this targeting, advertisers are more willing to pay a premium for their adverts to be placed in your content inventory and cost per thousand views (CPM) are typically 3 – 5 times higher than average display ad formats including web video ads.

Addressabley provides a way of connecting your product, content, or offer with the people who would be most interested in it, at the exact time they’re almost ready to hear from you. It combines data and business infrastructure with a deep understanding of the customers’ viewing needs. This creates a tailor-made CTV experience.

How is Connected TV different from OTT

Due to its connectivity through the internet, CTV (smart TV, game console) provides the data to enable targeting of viewers and, as we have our own Content Delivery Network (CDN) that carries the IP address of the CTV and mobile devices, Addressabley is able to target ads at viewers, measure CPM accurately and report on revenue generated.

Addressabley enables budgets that were out of reach with traditional TV ad buying and their long planning times and provides a CTV / large screen experience, with reliability, data privacy compliance, and at scale. According to AdSmart, 70-75% of advertisers running addressable ads are SMEs which you wouldn’t normally expect on TV.

Addressabley overcomes the promise of programmatic advertising, which has not been achieved. It delivers ads in the right place, at the right time, for the right user, and in the right content and ultimately supporting a freer, more open internet and more premium content.

Addressable advertising on CTV is a powerful and efficient way to reach potential consumers. Know where your audiences are and stay connected with them anytime.

Unlock the real value of your inventory and attract the best advertisers on TV medium through Addressably!