OTT Revenue has been a pandoras for most broadcasters and content owners over the past few years.

The issues have been around compliance and trust.  As there were so many links in the chain and less clarity in the trading process it was able to be abused.

Cloudie TV Cloud Playout has allowed for transparency across the system by putting the entire process in one complete system.  Ad server, SSAI, Broadcast, Delivery and monitoring within a few square feet with fibre powered global delivery, we are the only aim of blame.

Cloudie TV can provide confidence to the advertiser and the broadcasters alike, acting as a transactional escrow.

Cloudie TV’s revenue partner Videologic TV is so confident that it can monetise your channel that they will commit to providing a $10cpm average across each and every monthly broadcast.

There is no business that has enabled delivery of such a service but partnering with the best people in the business to provide an efficient solution for all parties.

Cloudie TV